Sunday, 29 May 2016

arise and go

Summer Camp - Suryakanthi

The Don Bosco Nivas Summer camp was conducted from 18th to 24th May 2016 at Don Bosco Nivas as holiday programme for inmates. It was titled “Suryakanthi – Arise and Go”. The camp was officially inaugurated by Fr Thomas P.D, Director CHILDLINE and Nivas. Welcome address was spoken by Ms Josna George. Words of appreciation were delivered by Mr Pramod. And to conclude the official ceremony Ms Beena gave the vote of thanks.
Suryakanthi was a breath of fresh air for the inmates at Nivas. They welcomed the move with sincere participation and sheer focus. Each day of the camp was filled with both academic as well as recreational activities. And the organisers made sure that not even a single boy was left out.
Daily Routine 
The day began with a prayer. Followed by a morning talk by the coordinators (Mr Thampi, Ms Mary, Ms Beena and Ms Josna), which included a message for the children. The next 15 minutes were reserved for meditation led by the same team.
From 10.30 classes were given to the children. Each day had a session on a relevant topic. The classes covered during the camp includeded:
·         Personal Health & Hygiene
The children were taught how to follow a daily routine in keeping oneself – neat and clean. Basic lesson on brushing, bathing, washing, and using toilet were given.
·         Awareness on Substance (Drug) Abuse
A very effective session was handled by Mr Emmanuel Silas. The slide show with snapshots on various drug abuse, different kinds of drugs and their harmful impacts were explained. 
·         Communicative English
Mr Biju Simon took three sessions on communicative English. Lessons on how to greet strangers were taught.
·         Essential Body Language Tips
Postures, gestures, and facial expressions for positivity were taught during this session. The children were cautioned on the negative movements as well. 
·         Importance of Education
Benefits of education and achieving one’s dreams were the main points for the session. The session was handled by Mr Ratheesh S.K
Various games and co curricular activities were included in the daily sessions. Mainly energisers action songs, fun games and so on. Some of the most entertaining among them were the following:-
·         Paper fancy dress
·         Theme based Skit competition
·         Musical Chair
·         Elocution
·         Light Music
·         Story Telling
The concluding function was attended by Fr Thomas P.D (Director), Biju Simon (Coordinator), Josna George and report submitted by Beena Joy (VT Trainer). A few of the children, who attended the camp, shared their experience on it and expressed their words of gratitude. They urged the coordinators to continue the camp in the coming years as well. Most of them could feel that their communicative skills had improved and gained more self confidence.
The tagline of our camp Suryakanthi was “Arise and Go”. And we could inculcate this message into them. All the participants could introspect and realise their inner powers and strengths.