Sunday, 28 April 2013

Vignesh – In need of Help

Vignesh is a IXth standard student, bright in studies but suffering from asthma and impeded from going to school regularly for the past 2 years.  His family is very poor as his father is half blind and unhealthy to do hard work.  In the last medical checkup it was diagnosed that Vignesh has mild heart problems too.  The Doctors prescribed some costly medicines for gradual improvement and instructed them to conduct scan and echo test every six months to confirm improvements in his sickness.   The father of Vignesh is incapable of bearing the cost of his son’s medicines and scanning costs as they are very poor

   They came to know about CHILDLINE and approached us to request for medical aid.  After studying the case details and making inquiries our team accompanied Vignesh for the echo test and scan and provided medical and financial help for his treatment. 
There are many poor and deserving children in our society in need of medical help. More resources are required to meet their growing needs. The rich and those who have surplus need to share to protect and help the needy for a just and humane society.