Monday, 22 April 2013

A Stitch in Time

Lakshmi has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (ama vatham) for the past seven years. It takes her 10 painful minutes to walk 10 feet. Husband left her many years ago and she has a son named Asvin  who is now studying in plus one. They do not have any other relatives to take care of them. Asvin is the cook at home after school. He is also the bread winner when he is off his school hours. Lakshmi is helped by a neighbor auto driver to travel for begging, the only job she is able to do, the money from which is insufficient to meet the daily needs and send Asvin to school. When Asvin stopped schooling and started accompanying his mother for begging, some neighbours informed CHILDLINE about the plight of the child.

Now with the generosity of some socially responsible citizens we are helping Asvin to get back to School and his mother is extremely happy that her son is back to school again. Aswin is only one of the three whom our friends from the neighbourhood

We at Don Bosco Nivas identify children like Asvin and network with socially responsible people like you to provide them support to restructure their lives which otherwise would be nipped in the bud and end meaninglessly. Help for education is helping such children to stand on their feet and it in turn can save a whole family from the clutches of poverty. A stitch in time can save the whole shirt!