Monday, 3 August 2015

English Posters


Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society is reaching out yet again to more chidlren accross Kerala. Children of ICSE and CBSE syllabus schools have been often out of the reach of child helpline accross Kerala. This doesnot mean that there are no child rights violations against such children. Violations often donot get voiced as school authorities and moneyed parents often hide it due to fear of loss of name and fame. They often get 'settled' within wherein the child is often the loser. The competion among schools to get more children often have negative impact on children as they are forced to over perform. Non performing chidlren often are shunted and have to leave school to join other syllabus schools. Violations that children face at home never come out due to the better 'facade' of financially forward families. 

In collaboration with the Social Justice Department, Government of Kerala we breaking the jinx to reach to all English medium schools accross Kerala. Each classroom will display one poster each where chidlren always have reminder to contact CHILDLINE when they are in need of help and are in distress. The same project also will reachout to over 800 Primary Health centres accross Kerala where chidlren frequent for health care. The message of the posters highlights child protection issues and there is an exhortation to contact CHILDLINE toll free number when they are in need.

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