Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Protect Children – Spreading the message!

From years of experience in dealing with problems faced by children, Don Bosco Veedu Society has formed a team called “Success for Success” (S4S) to provide awareness and educate child rights to children, parents, teachers and other stake holders.  As providing awareness to all people who deal with children is the best way to protect and promote child rights, we never lose a chance for the same.

The S4S team conducted an interactive session on child issues for ICDS workers at Priyadarshini Hall, East Fort on Monday, 09.06.2014. The class started at and concluded at 12 pm. More than 170 anganwadi workers and some teachers attended the training. The participants expressed their appreciation on the new knowledge they gained. One said: “The interactive sessions were so lively and informative, that it would surely be useful in dealing with children’s issues”.

Don Bosco Veedu Society’s ultimate aim is to protect the children from abusive and dehumanizing situation and to inspire them towards dignified life. The latest study of UNICEF shows that in India, children’s vulnerabilities and exposure to violations of their rights remain widespread and multiple in nature. The manifestations of these violations are various, ranging from child labour, child trafficking, to commercial sexual exploitation and many other forms of violence and abuse. Children especially in the early childhood are not safe even within the family. They are abused either physically or sexually. As per 2013-14 reports of CHILDLINE, Thiruvananthapuram 487 children have been protected from abusive situations in this district alone. This is indeed a cause for concern.

As  Anganwadi workers work at the grass root level training them can affect many more especially the families in the locality where they work.